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Happy New Year..already?!

Dear 2018, You’re going to have to work pretty hard to beat 2017 in terms of music. I’ve performed in 4 different countries (England, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands). “Prophecy”, released in March 2017,  is nominated in the Schallewelle awards. Then the preparatory work for “A Different Kind of Normal” and the launch of my … Continue reading »

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Carys is hopeless at titles

Seriously. I’ve been known to spend an entire year performing a song before I finally manage to give it a title that suits. And that’s something important! So poor little blog posts really have no chance… and already I’ve digressed from what I intended to write. So, here goes… (Wait. Why have Radio Four listeners … Continue reading »

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*this blog post is not in use*

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Happy New Year!

One day, oh, one day I swear I’m going to remember to write regular updates! The trouble is, I get so excited about actually doing things, I forget that I actually need to tell folks that I’m doing them! But anyway. Over the past few months Celandine have been out promoting our CD, She’s Like the Swallow , … Continue reading »

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Celandine “She’s Like The Swallow” CD released!

Well it isn’t quite six months since my last update! But I’m very excited to tell everyone that Celandine’s debut album “She’s Like The Swallow” was released on Friday 21st August at our performance on the Soapbox stage at FolkEast. Here’s the official press release: ‘She’s Like The Swallow’ is the debut album from Celandine, the Suffolk based … Continue reading »

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New dates on events page!

After failing to update anything on here for about six months (I’m going to claim I was too busy which is actually quite close to the truth and certainly sounds more interesting than a description of all the various viruses I’ve had over the winter!) I have at long last updated my events page with … Continue reading »

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Children from the Sky annual

Back in 2012 I read that Duncan Lunan had written a book about the Green Children of Woolpit but hadn’t been able to find any folk songs about them. As one of my songs, Child of Green, is about exactly that subject* I got in touch and, to shorten what is a long (though fairly … Continue reading »

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Page updates!

This morning I’ve finally got around to a long-overdue addition to this site and added a band page with links to Celandine and Freyja’s Fire, both of which I perform with on a regular basis.

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Radio interview on listen again

Tim Moon’s Bradford radio show “Folk Us” on which I was Monday’s guest can be heard on listen again here. I’m featured from about 15 minutes in and it’s available for 50 days after the original broadcast which means you have until…ooh, about the end of June to listen!

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Unexpected radio appearance!

…can one actually ‘appear’ on the radio? I could perhaps have written ‘hearing’ but that might have sounded like I was in trouble! Anyway, I received a message a couple of hours ago asking if I was in this evening to chat with Tim Moon on his BCB Radio “Folk Us” show. I said yes, … Continue reading »

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