Children from the Sky annual

Back in 2012 I read that Duncan Lunan had written a book about the Green Children of Woolpit but hadn’t been able to find any folk songs about them. As one of my songs, Child of Green, is about exactly that subject* I got in touch and, to shorten what is a long (though fairly interesting!) tale, the upshot is the sheet music and lyrics to Child of Green have now been published in the first Children from the Sky annual. CFTS annual You can read more about the annual and Duncan’s research into the Green Children, as well as order a copy of the annual, on the Children from the Sky website.

*you can hear it by clicking the “songs” link which will take you to my bandcamp page.

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Page updates!

This morning I’ve finally got around to a long-overdue addition to this site and added a band page with links to Celandine and Freyja’s Fire, both of which I perform with on a regular basis.

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Radio interview on listen again

Tim Moon’s Bradford radio show “Folk Us” on which I was Monday’s guest can be heard on listen again here. I’m featured from about 15 minutes in and it’s available for 50 days after the original broadcast which means you have until…ooh, about the end of June to listen!

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Unexpected radio appearance!

…can one actually ‘appear’ on the radio? I could perhaps have written ‘hearing’ but that might have sounded like I was in trouble! Anyway, I received a message a couple of hours ago asking if I was in this evening to chat with Tim Moon on his BCB Radio “Folk Us” show. I said yes, of course and am now hoping that I don’t say something completely bizarre (extremely likely) or run out of things to say (not terribly likely!)

In other news, had a lovely at Bury Folk Collective’s ‘Wired’ folk night yesterday evening. Two new songs had their first airing to what looked like an appreciative audience and I’ll hopefully be heading back there soon (possibly along with Rosemary as ‘Celandine’ though I should probably ask her first!). This friday I’m singing at Henley folk night again – details to follow!

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Code Indigo – Take the Money and Run

The new CD “Take the Money and Run” by instrumental rock/electronic/chill out band Code Indigo is now available, and I’m featured on two of the tracks. The word “instrumental” has confused a few of my friends who have only ever heard me sing music that has words attached, and this is probably about as far removed from folk music as you can get, but…I think you’ll like it. The tracks I’m on are “Ashes and Snow” (on which I’m also credited as co-writer) and “A Question of Answers”.

You can hear samples and buy the CD (or digital download) here.

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Celandine shortlisted for Dave Swarbrick support slot!

Folkspot radio, in association with the Folkstock Arts Foundation, have just announced the shortlist of acts, from whom one will be chosen to open for Dave Swarbrick and Said the Maiden at Great Massingham on 12th April – and Celandine are on the shortlist! We, along with the rest of the shortlisted acts will be performing at Great Massingham Social Club on Sunday 30th March…which will also be streamed live on Folkspot radio!

So please support us, either in person or via the wonders of the interwebs. Now, we just need to decide what to sing…

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On Friday 21st March I will be singing at the Henley Folk Night with Rosemary as the duo Celandine. There are usually somewhere between eight and ten acts and the music starts at 8pm. Venue details are here – hope to see you there!

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Link to previously-released songs

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Carys discovered at the age of sixteen that the only thing she really wanted to do with her life was sing. Twenty (plus!) years on, she still hasn’t changed her mind. She’s a classically-trained singer from Suffolk who first discovered the delights of folk music around a dozen years ago. At that time she was playing Frida in an Abba tribute band, an experience cut tragically short when the rest of the band moved to South Wales and forgot to tell her. Several years in local duo ‘Shades’ followed, along with various parts in musical theatre, though somewhere along the line she realised that it was far more fun to follow her own inspiration rather than just sing what was popular. Shortly thereafter she discovered that writing songs wasn’t really that scary, and she has been doing it ever since, taking her inspiration from local legends or interesting random moments that occur out of nowhere.

In November 2012 her song “An Honest Man” was featured in “The Story Behind The Song” on folkcast, one of the largest European folk podcasts, and she spent much of 2013 concentrating on live performance, including Folk at the Boat in Ipswich and the ‘Flaming June’ buskers stage at Folkstock. 2013 culminated with the release of her festive single “At the Turn of the Year”; the video of which can be found on her youtube channel.

When Carys is not singing she designs and makes her own costumes, writes things or sleeps. For the past three years she has taken part in National Novel Writing Month, resulting in three unpublished novels, one of which she is still editing. She has a degree in Biology and Earth Sciences from the Open University because it was really good fun to play with microscopes and fossils. In her spare time she has two cats, a dog, a husband and a day job.

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