Concert flashback!

I know, I’m doing the flashback thing again! The thing is, I’d love to post about everything on the same day it happens but realistically I’m far too tired and stupid after a gig to be able to write anything coherent. Instead, I’ll write about the weekend three weeks after it happened…

After nearly two years without “real” gigs, I had three in a single weekend! Friday 29th April saw the first David Wright and Carys “Beyond the Airwaves” concert. This was both live and livestreamed which was a new challenge. I know how to perform to an audience, and how to play to a camera, but both at the same time..? Anyway, you can judge for yourself how it went because the whole concert is available on youtube here.

A few photos from the evening, taken by Dave Massey:

Sunday 1st May: a new festival, a new county

Carys @ Filey Folk Festival. Photo by Tim Moon.

– at least as far as performing goes! We drove up to Filey Folk Festival, where I played in Bonhomme’s bar and met up with 2 good friends I hadn’t seen for over 20 years. It was a long day but really good to see them again and to play at a new festival. Here’s hoping I get invited back next year!

Finally, on Monday 2nd May Celandine played Spring Wood Day in Ipswich. After a plague-enforced absence (like with so many festivals) it was great to be back at one of our regular annual spots, and to visit the bluebells in the woods as well! Photo of Celandine by Dave Markwell, bluebells by me…you can tell how tired I was by this time because they’re not quite in focus!