Gaia Dreaming ~ New EP out now!

My new EP, Gaia Dreaming, is now available on CD and download via AD music, though the official release date is 8th August, the day I played Cropredy Festival fringe. Incidentally, I keep mistyping fringe as”fridge” which is one of those things I probably shouldn’t mention…
I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out for two reasons in particular. Firstly, the title track is my first ever instrumental release. There’s an interesting story behind WolfSong, too. Its the edited version of what will be released next year as a much longer track, and it resulted from a songwriting workshop I ran last year. So I actually have eight co-lyricists on the track – thank you all! 
Gaia Dreaming EP artwork

1. WolfSong (Radio edit) (3:34)

2. Gaia Dreaming (4:31)

3. Gather In (2:34)

4. The Season Turns (2:54)

Press Release

‘Gaia Dreaming’ is an EP offering from Carys that contains 4 new tracks, all with an earth-based, natural theme that offers a preview of her next album. The title track is also Carys’s first solo instrumental release.

Carys is joined by David Wright, who provides rhythms, piano and assorted sounds, Sophie Watson on whistle and Mim MacMahon on fiddle.

WolfSong (Radio Edit) is a shorter version of the title track of the aforementioned new album, set for release early in 2020.

‘Gaia Dreaming’ (and indeed the forthcoming album WolfSong) further enhances Carys’s standing as a unique talent; a singer songwriter with a distinctive style who beautifully interprets her songs with a creative verve and enthusiasm.

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  1. Keith says:

    Congratulations. If it sounds as good as it looks you’re on a winner.. well done, I want a copy.

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