Isolation – Day 2

So much for my plan to write a daily blog post! Yesterday started off well enough – by 10:30 I’d already ticked four things off my to-do list. Admittedly one of those was to have a shower, but still, I’d achieved four things. Then, my laptop decided that things were going far too smoothly and that completely failing to restart would be a fine plan! So at this point, my day took a turn for “madly try and fix laptop/borrow alternative laptop in order to be able to complete WolfSong album”. Suffice to say that I was not at home (though also nowhere public) by the time Mr Johnson addressed the nation last night, but by 1am I was and now I’m using a different laptop for the foreseeable future!

However, today has gone well. I’ve baked a fruit cake, done the ironing, tidied the kitchen and finished knitting a cardigan. I even got to go out to collect Little Orange Dog’s new medication! The vet’s had it all worked out. Each ‘patient’ had a designated time to collect their pet’s medicine from a box outside the door!

Today was Awesome Housemate’s birthday too, so I cooked a roast dinner with blackberry crumble for dessert. She’s now working from home which sounds great, but… This means that our internet speed has fallen to a download rate of 150kb/second on average! Not great when I’m trying to download software so I can complete WolfSong…

This could well be the least interesting post I’ve ever written. I’ll do better tomorrow, I promise. Until then…have a few photos!

Pretty buttons!
Today’s achievement (no, I didn’t *start* it today)!
How to take a selfie when you don’t have a suitable phone…