Isolation Day 21 – Happy Easter!

Three weeks.

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been out for any reason other than to drive Awesome Housemate to Tesco.

Three weeks of album recording, mixing and mastering without physically being with another human being.

Three weeks of discovering that I really enjoy staying at home most of the time. I’ve had panic attacks, nightmares, and now the realisation that I’ve adapted to this all pretty well. And finding joy in tiny things, something in which I know I’m not alone. A Different Kind Of Normal is our new life now, I guess.

Happy Easter But today was Easter Sunday – Happy Easter, folks – and we’ve done our best to celebrate. I’d got some hot cross buns in the freezer which I defrosted last night, and I made a fruit cake three weeks ago. We each had an Easter egg, though I had to buy Awesome Housemate’s for her by handing her the cash and saying “pick whichever one you’d like”. Mine (the Thorntons one) still looks complete. However, if one were to remove it from the carton they might find that the entire back half of the egg has been mysteriously eaten..!

Technology not being my strong point, I’m working hard on figuring out how to stream my WolfSong album launch. Ideally it’s going to be on youtube and embedded here. To that end I realised that I get more account privileges if I’ve got 100 subscribers. Well, thanks to you wonderful people, I made a plea on facebook  2 nights ago and I’m now over 80 subscribers, so I’m almost there!

In other news,

now that I’ve got the time to do it, I decided that some of my album artwork should actually be…well, artwork. Here you can see me working on that, with a little help. Little Orange Dog-shaped help, to be precise… I should point out that dachshunds are not good art critics. In fact, I had to cuddle her whilst working so she wouldn’t stick her head under my board and try to flip it off my lap!

I hope you’ve all had a good day, however you chose to celebrate this year. Happy Easter.

Until tomorrow,

Stay safe

Carys xx