Isolation – Day 4

Folk, this is getting difficult.

I don’t mean the staying home, or trying to think of interesting ways to describe my daily life. I mean the actual act of typing when the furry children think it’s suppertime already..!

This may need to be quite a short post today!

The title track “WolfSong” is now complete and ready for mastering, and running at just a shade under 7 1/2 minutes… So unless the full version becomes as well known as “American Pie” it probably won’t get many radio plays! I’m really happy with how it’s sounding though and can’t wait for everyone to hear it. In less cheerful news, you may have read that my laptop went¬†Bnag earlier this week…it’s going to cost ¬£250 to fix, which isn’t exactly what I need right now! To console myself, I figured out how to record video using the webcam on the laptop I’ve borrowed. I can’t usually cope with webcams and have only previously been able to record video if someone’s actually holding the camera. Interesting how quickly I can adapt when I have to! With luck, you’ll all be able to see the results in another day or so.

Right, hang on a moment – its 8pm…

Wow, that was emotional. Awesome housemate and I went outside to clap our wonderful NHS workers. It sounded as if all our neighbours were clapping but we could hardly see anyone. Amazing experience, I’m crying now, and so grateful. Social media can be a wonderful thing when it brings us all together to show our appreciation like this. I hope people have recorded clips so the NHS workers get to see and hear it once they finish their shifts.

I think I’ll finish for tonight. Thank you to ALL our key workers.

Until tomorrow,

Carys xx