Isolation – Day 5

Evening all!

Today started off well enough. I uploaded the video I recorded yesterday to youtube, answered some emails…and then realised I really didn’t feel great. Don’t worry – I have no virus symptoms, I promise! Thus most of today has been spent curled up on the sofa, though on the bright side I’ve deleted a couple of thousand old emails, and I was very glad of the broccoli and stilton soup I made and froze a couple of weeks ago!

Anyway, if this works, you should be able to see and hear “Gaia”. This is one of the songs that will be on my new “WolfSong” album. Those of you who bought my EP “Gaia Dreaming” last summer will notice this is rather familiar, because you’ve already heard the instrumental version. “Gaia” feels appropriate for the current time, and I hope you like it. Little Orange Dog clearly did, because she was fast asleep on the sofa behind me as I was recording!

If the embedded video doesn’t work (and I have no idea if it’s going to, because I’ve never tried this before!) ¬†you can find it here. You’ll see I struggle even more than usual with a webcam because I have no idea where to look! Still, it’s all good practise for the album launch.

I’m feeling better this evening, too. Tomorrow I’m going to be working on one of the two tracks that are still at the ‘unfinished’ stage. Wonder how I shall get on by myself..? Watch this space…

Until tomorrow,

Stay safe

Carys xx