January news!

Hi folks,

January news indeed – where has January gone?! Actually, I’ve been fighting off the aftereffects of a random virus for most of this month. I feel fine, but my voice isn’t completely back and my asthma keeps complaining – I’ve used my inhalers more this month than the preceeding five years, I think! That didn’t stop us from enjoying the first Beyond the Airwaves live/livestream of the year last Friday. I was joined by Rosemary Griffith, the other half of Celandine, for my set, so my restricted voice wasn’t quite so obvious!

It also gave us the opportunity to perform songs that don’t get to see the light of day very often. This included “New Kind of Normal” which we recorded and filmed during the first lockdown in 2020; and “No Surrender”. This latter track appears on Celandine’s 2015 “She’s Like the Swallow” album, but is much more familiar to a lot of you in a very different format, as it’s the predecessor to the David Wright and Carys track “Call to Me”. The special guest this time was Peter Challoner who played a wonderful set (“No WAY was that an hour!” Rosemary and I said to each other after he finished) and if you missed it, you can watch the whole evening via the link in the first paragraph.

This Friday (3rd February) I shall be playing at Rob’s Spiritual Awareness Centre in Trimley St Mary, near Felixstowe. I’ve just about got my setlist planned but if you’re coming along and have any requests, please let me know. (Rob, if you’re reading this, of course I shall be playing your favourite!)

Looking ahead a little,

I have exciting “Max the Pirate Cat” news coming up over the next couple of weeks. Here’s a little teaser… watch this space for more details very soon!

Finally, a huge thank you to FATEA records for their review of my single “Blackberries and Butterflies” and also to One World Radio for including it in playlist #494. If you haven’t heard it already, head over to my bandcamp page where it’s available for FREE download!

Until next time,

Carys xx