June Festival Flashbacks!

I thought it would be fun to share a few pics from some of the festivals I played at earlier this summer. Enjoy my June festival flashbacks!

First up – E-Scape

Carys at E-Scape
E-Scape 2019: David Wright and Carys
Carys at E-Scape
with Glenn Main
E-Scape 2019 finale!

~ E-Scape photos by Sophie Watson

Forgotten Lands

The following week saw me in Cumbria on the Scottish Borders where I was a guest vocalist with Steeleye Span’s lead guitarist, Andrew “Spud” Sinclair. Everyone had a great time at this little festival but it would have been even better if the rain had eased off…if you look closely you can see several inches of mud at the bottom of my dress!

Forgotten Lands 2019. photo by Ian Brown
with Andrew “Spud” Sinclair of Steeleye Span

Next came Folk at the Boat which was my first solo performance of the season.

A rare picture of Carys actually looking at the camera!
…and we’ve Beaten the Streetlights Home!

I don’t have many photos of the IPC Wolfshead camp unless you’d like to see pictures of dogs. But you’d like to see pictures of dogs, wouldn’t you?

Little Orange Dog, wide awake at quarter to seven on Saturday morning!
Nanuk and Little Orange Dog
Singing “WolfSong” to Nanuk

For the last weekend of June was something completely different – filming for one of John Whittaker’s music videos. The track is called “Bed of Nails and the finished result can be seen here. Here are a few photos of a fun (and extremely hot!) day

Looking wide awake and relaxed before filming started!
Mr Punch and friends
Tied up in Maypole ribbons!

No Caryses (I am fairly sure this is the correct plural of my name) were harmed in the making of this video – honest! Until next time…