Max the sequel..?

Hi folks,
As many of you know, Max the Pirate Cat has a family! There’s his Mum Lydia and big sister Florence (aka Flossie, getting washed on this picture) who live at the tavern where he was born. Next is Jake the blacksmith’s cat, who is a paler ginger than Max, and their other little brother the Governor’s cat. Finally there’s Lily, the pure white baby of the family…
Some of Max’s family already have their own songs! The question is, which one shall I turn into a video next? The choice is either
Homecoming  – about Max’s Mum waiting for him to come back from his adventures
When Lily Comes to Town – the tale of Max’s little sister, the smuggler’s cat
(both have a happy ending!)
Let me know if you’ve got a preference and the one that gets the most votes is the one I’ll create next!
Carys xx