Hi folks,

It’s been a strange year, hasn’t it? And I don’t just mean 2021, but the last 12 months. This time last year we were on the verge on going into lockdown (at least in the UK)… I don’t think any of us thought that a whole year on we’d be in the same position.

So I wrote a song about it! It’s called “Redefined” and it’s going to be available from tomorrow evening to mark the anniversary of the world we now find ourselves in. I’ll be sharing the video on youtube and social media. The song download will initially be available through bandcamp and later via itunes as well. I really hope you enjoy it because it’s one of those songs that seemed to write itself, because it wanted to be shared!

And no, that isn’t a mistake you see below – the video really is in sepia! It seemed to fit with the general sense of “Groundhog Day (or should that be Groundhog year?) that a lot of us are experiencing right now.

Anyway, please continue to stay safe and let’s hope the vaccine gets around to all of us very soon!

Carys x