New video…and situation sort of normal!

Hi folks,

I’ve got good news, not so good news, interesting news and some exciting news, which would you like first..?

Okay, firstly, the new video ~ which is actually a taster for something very overdue!

The Pirate Cat Hornpipe video opened the Max the Pirate Cat and friends album launch back in June… which will soon be available in its entirety on my youtube channel!

The good news is that I’m back at work, though I’m not sure I’m much use just now. I saw the physiotherapist last week and it seems I have a frozen shoulder which explains…well, why I can’t move it much! I’ve already got a hospital appointment booked for a fortnight today so I’ll know better then what the prognosis is. I’m assuming everything will be fine soon… In the meantime I might need to switch to playing keyboards for a bit!

Now the exciting news! I’m planning to produce a Barrett the Parrot book in time for Christmas! This is dependent on a few things, not least being able to get it organised in the next week or so, but I’m optimistic. The Barrett the Parrot book will be paperback, mainly because postage is so expensive. All the pictures in the video are going to be in the book. I’d love to say there’ll be some new ones too, but unfortunately right now I can barely write, let alone spend hours drawing! I might still have a few surprises for you, though.

I’m making a list of people who would like to reserve a Barrett the Parrot book… Let me know if you’re interested! Here are a couple of possible front covers:

Book cover mockup. Text says "Barrett the Parrot" and "Carys". The green parrot is flying and there is a background of island houses. The picture is hand-drawn.        Book cover mockup. The text says "Barrett the Parrot" and "Carys". A green parrot and a ginger cat are standing on a path against an island sunset background. The picture is hand-drawn.

I think that’s all for today. I hope you all enjoy the new video!

Until next time, Stay safe

Carys xx