WolfSong album launch – 25th April

WolfSong album launch – Saturday 25th April 2020

Almost exactly two years since the release of “A Different Kind Of Normal” comes my next full-length album release, WolfSong”. After a slight delay (during which the company from which I ordered the tickets lost and had to reprint them!) I can finally announce all the details. Actually, you could read them off the photo of the tickets, but this way is more fun!

My special guest for the evening will be Tilly Moses who will be playing a set during the first half of the evening. Tilly is a brilliant musician so please check out her website if you’re not already familiar with her music.  During the second half of the evening I – and a few friends – will be playing as much of the new album as we have time for.

The Venue

Henley Community Centre main hall, Ipswich, Suffolk. There is a stage, a bar, and a car park. Also there are other useful things like seats and heating and lights, which normal people would probably take for granted but I feel compelled to mention.

The Tickets

Available from me or through AD Music priced just £5, which is the same as my previous album launch. This is a Very Good Deal, I’m sure you will agree, because if I was pricing tickets according to the rate of inflation they would be £5:16 each. Actually, I wish I’d done that, now I come to think of it… where was I? Oh, yes.

WolfSong album launch.

April 25th, Henley Community Centre.

Please buy tickets!