WolfSong and COVID-19

Hi folks,

There’s a title I didn’t ever expect I’d need to use!

As I write, there are just six weeks until my album launch gig and I’m getting excited. HOWEVER, as the situation with COVID-19 currently stands I may have to make the decision to postpone the event until a later date. Several of the people directly involved with my launch or their close relatives either have compromised immune systems, lung conditions or are over 60 (or a combination) and I will not be the cause of any preventable risk to their health.

Right now, I feel it’s a little early to be making that decision, but I’m making alternative plans so if I do have to postpone the event, I’ll be able to offer a suitable alternative that will mean none of us need to leave our homes (much less shake hands!)

If the worst happens, what I intend to do instead will be to have a live video launch on 25th April, and post a launch video onto my youtube channel (please make sure you’re subscribed *here* in case this happens, so you’ll get an alert). Unless the situation with the pandemic escalates exponentially, the CD itself will still be released on April 25th so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on a copy.

If the launch event has to be postponed and you have already bought a ticket this will of course be valid for the new date (whenever that is) or if you prefer you can put the money towards a copy of the new CD or instead have a refund. Details for each of these options will be available if and when the decision is made to postpone the event.

Obviously I’m hoping that we all get lucky and the virus turns out not to be as contagious as we fear, but as of today I’d say it’s about 50:50 whether I have to postpone. I shall keep you posted.

Stay safe,