Max the Pirate Cat

In March 2018 I wrote a song for a Pirate song competition. Ultimately I didn’t enter the competition because I was in the studio recording my debut album “A Different Kind Of Normal”, but I decided to start performing the song anyway. Since then I’ve sung “Max the Pirate Cat” at almost every gig I’ve played… sometimes more than once!

In August 2019 I created a video to accompany the song (if you haven’t already seen it you can watch below). People started asking me if there would be a book of Max’s story. I immediately loved the idea and wanted to make it a reality, but gigs, festivals and my second solo album had to take priority.

Then lockdown happened…

During Autumn 2020 I ran an indiegogo campaign to get Max’s tale (or should that be tail?) into print. Not knowing how popular a book was likely to be, I calculated the bare minimum I would need to produce the smallest possible number of books. You wonderful people promptly reached that target and smashed it in the first 24 hours! Even more amazingly,  all the Gold “Captain” level perks sold out in the first twelve hours! This meant I ended up drawing NINETEEN new pirate characters, ranging in age from 3 to…older adult. Oh, and Hobnob, Daughter Of Biscuit made a cameo appearance as Max’s Mum!

“Max the Pirate Cat – The Book” was released in December as a limited edition hardback book; complete with CD single and with additional pictures not in the original video. Less than a week after release, it was sold out and I had a waiting list!

Some day I intend to produce a paperback version of Max for those of you who missed out on the original book. In the meantime, you can buy the download of the song from my bandcamp page here…

The story originally ended here

However, in Spring 2022 I released the follow-up single. “When Lily Comes to Town”.

Featuring Max’s little sister, the smuggler’s cat, “When Lily Comes To Town” is also available to download.

Max the Pirate Cat and friends – THE ALBUM!

But even that’s not the end of the story, because Max and his friends are back! This time in a 13-track album for which I am currently crowdfunding. The campaign is running until the beginning of April and YOU can find out how to be a part of it by following this link or using the QR code here.

Please be sure to follow my blog for updates on the very latest in Max’s journey!