Barrett the Parrot

Hi folks,

The day after writing my last post, after successfully avoiding it for 3 years, I came down with covid! Thus the official release of my Barrett the Parrot video has been slightly delatyed until…about five minutes ago! As you can see Barrett is a good friend of Max the Pirate Cat. He is also a very cultured and intelligent spy who has some thrilling adventures of his own…

I’m particularly pleased with this video because I drew the entire thing in just three months! Both Max and Lily took me an entire year…

Barrett the Parrot also features Mim MacMahon of pirate band Captain Morgan’s Rum Do… as the voice of Barrett!

Despite having spent nearly two weeks away from the studio thanks to covid, I’m pleased to report the album is still on schedule. Max the Pirate Cat and friends will be out on Friday 23rd June 2023.

You can also watch Barrett the Parrot on my youtube channel.

Carys xx