Max the Pirate Cat and friends – THE ALBUM!

Max the Pirate Cat and friends – THE ALBUM! is crowdfunding NOW! (You can watch the crowdfunder video here but you’ll need to click on the link above to get to the site)

As I say, you’ve watched the video, heard the song, read the book and now you can buy the album!

Max the Pirate Cat and friends – THE ALBUM! is going to have 13 tracks, all but one of which are already written and demoed. The album itself is going to have a folky feel, but there will also be forays into rock, pop and a few genre fusions that I don’t think have been invented yet!

I’m going to be very busy for the next few months as I work on the tracks. For the first time I’m inviting YOU to sing on one of the songs! “Salty Sam the Harbour Dog” will feature a chorus of very special backers who will be singing with me. I’m very excited about this and I already have my first two chorus singers signed up. You can join them by clicking the link at the top of the page – no experience needed!

One thing I do need to mention is that indiegogo now have a “tip” system. In principle this is reasonable, but they seem to be arbitrarily adding huge percentages onto some backers’ final payments. Of course I am pretty embarrassed by this and upset on behalf of my already-generous backers (the tips go to indiegogo, not to me) so please do feel free to reset the “tip” amount on the final page to zero when you’re using their site!

If you’d like to be support Max the Pirate Cat and friends – THE ALBUM! but aren’t too sure how crowdfunding sites work, please contact me instead!

And finally…

As well as working on the album though, I also have another video-song in progress! I’ll leave it to you to guess which one it’s going to be, but so far I’ve completed 10 pictures out of the 30 I’m going to need, so it’s coming along well!

Until next time…

Stay safe Cxx