When Lily Comes To Town!

Hi folks,

The votes are in – via email, facebook, messenger and even in person – and here are the results:

Homecoming: 7 votes

When Lily Comes To Town: 24 votes!

Pretty decisive I think, so needless to say Lily’s story will be the next one I tell. I can’t say how long it’s going to take because as you know Max took a whole year to illustrate…I’ve become faster at drawing since then though! Of course, I need to record and arrange the song as well but I’m hoping to have this ready by… when it’s ready! I know myself far too well to share my currently-planned deadline at this early stage!

In the meantime, enjoy this first pic of Lily, the smuggler’s cat and the poem that precedes her song…

Who do you see on the clifftop side?
A little white cat with bright green eyes
Patient for hours will she sit and bide
Until the tide comes in
Under the moon and the stars she sits
As the seabirds roost in precarious pits
Night draws on and still she sits
This is Lily’s time…