Isolation – Day 11

Wait – where did day 10 go?!

Good question. I actually had a really productive day yesterday, then realised at 10pm I hadn’t written anything. The further realisation occurred that I had no energy or motivation to write anything! Thus…no blog post yesterday!

Today has been similar, though emotionally I’m struggling a bit. Don’t worry, I’m fine; just not really in the frame of mind to write a great deal. So, rather than force myself to be entertaining, here are some random photos instead…

Ten days ago, I planted some seeds. Now I have seedlings!

Baby plants! Peppers on the left, tomatoes on the right.

For when the album is finished, here’s a selection of books I haven’t read yet:

All the books I could carry on my last library visit!

My next quilting project, all read to go…

Quilt fabric!

…and now begun! Watch this space for inevitable updates…

Galaxy quilt in progress…

Until tomorrow,

Carys xx