Isolation – Day 14.

How To Feel Accomplished: The Carys Way

Apparently it is Sunday today. It got to 1pm and I realised I had achieved nothing on today’s List. So I retroactively added the following items:

  • Get out of bed
  • Wear clothes
  • Feed dog
  • Switch laptop on
  • Let cat out
  • Make coffee
  • Scroll mindlessly thorough facebook
  • Reply to messages friends have left overnight
  • Let cat in
  • Attempt Harry Potter quiz shared by sister-in-law
  • Look at wall
  • Remember to administer dog’s eye drops
  • Read text message from friend
  • Smile
  • Let cat out
  • Complete Harry Potter quiz shared by sister-in-law
  • Proudly take screenshot
  • Message sister-in-law thanking her for quiz opportunity
  • Realise haven’t eaten all day
  • Let cat in
  • Make cheese on toast with worcestershire sauce
  • Eat same
  • Consider whether colon or semicolon is preferable in blog post title

There! See how much I’ve achieved today, and it’s not even 1:30 yet!