Isolation – Day 15

Week three begins! How are you coping out there? No, don’t answer that, because I’ve got a useful little quiz so you can check for yourselves. Here goes…


1. What time are you getting up?

a) My usual time

b) About an hour later than my usual time

c) 2:13pm


2. What are you having for breakfast?

a) Inhale a cup of coffee as I rush into the spare room to start work

b) Cereal, toast; maybe a fry-up on Sunday

c) Any combination of the following: cake, last night’s chips, leftover cold curry, half an Easter egg.


Little Orange Dog enjoying an empty yoghurt carton.

3. What have you achieved today?

a) 8 hours of work with half an hour for lunch

b) Some of the housework, a bit of DIY and I cooked dinner.

c) I’m wearing clean pants.


4. Have you had any low points?

a) Waitrose had run out of organic quinoa last week.

b) I hate not seeing my family and friends

c) Two nights ago I stood at my housemate’s bedroom door at 11pm singing Blackadder’s “See the Little Goblin”, complete with improvised dance. Then I cried for no apparent reason.*


5. What’s your sleep schedule like?

a) Disrupted. I seem to be staying up later because I’m reading the news or spending more time on social media.

b) What sleep schedule?

c) Last night I went to bed at 6:30am, shortly after I’d finished breakfast.



Mostly a) You clearly have a handle on this whole situation. Any advice for the rest of us?
Mostly b) This sounds entirely normal. Welcome to the New World.
Mostly c) You’re a musician, aren’t you…

I hope you’ve found this useful.

Until tomorrow…stay safe

Carys xx

*autobiographical? Whatever makes you think that?!