No comments!

Hi folks,

You may notice that I’ve switched off comments on most of my pages (not necessarily posts – we’ll see how that goes) for the time being. This is because when I logged in on Friday evening I had over 16,000 spam comments awaiting moderation! Rather than read through them all, you won’t be surprised to hear I deleted everything en masse…so if you commented in the past couple of weeks, it may well have been lost. Sorry about that.

So for the foreseeable future; if you’d like to contact me, please go to my “links” page and choose one of the social media options. Facebook or my disguised email address are the best options. In the meantime, please keep sharing “Max the Pirate Cat” far and wide!

…Speaking of Max, several people have said they’d love to see his story in the form of a childrens’ book. What do you think? Is that an idea I should be pursuing for 2020?