Spam, lovely spam!

*Disclaimer* This post has absolutely nothing to do with music!

You know one of the most exciting things about writing blog posts? When a real, live human being reads one and makes a comment. Especially when its something even more exciting than “I agree” or “I’m really proud of you. Love Mum xx”. (Mum, I’m sorry I never actually set that one to being visible…). I’ve got comments set to be approved by me, so if you reply to something I’ve written it might be a few days before it shows up. However, the alternative is lettering the sp*mbots add their massive lists of unsavoury links. And frankly, I figure that if anyone reading this wanted to find p*rn, the fact that you have fingers and a keyboard is all you need!

But last week, I had a sp*mbot so hilarious I almost – almost – approved it. Rather than the usual linkfest, it had an extract from what might have been a badly-written eleven year old’s homework, which I quote for you here:

“Okay,” Lеe said after which he stopped and thought.

“Ꭲhe perfect thing about God is, hmmmm..???” he puzzled as he had ѕo many things that were nice about God. However he wished to choose the perfect one so he would win the game. “That he knows everything. That’s really cool. That means he can help me with my homework” Larry concluded with a proud expression on his face.

Admittedly, I’ve edited this from the original quite a bit. I removed the entire lines of question marks and ellipses, not to mention the random cyrillic letters. I added punctuation so it actually made sense on the first viewing, rather than the sixth. But, folks, I’m proud to report that artificial intelligence has discovered religion! Not only that, but this is a teenage AI that needs help with its homework!

7 thoughts on “Spam, lovely spam!

  1. Peter EVERSON says:

    We need to be careful, if it discovers religion then it will probably abolish it and post up error 404 page not found.???

    1. admin says:

      Some people I know would argue that this might not be a bad thing!

      1. Peter EVERSON says:

        I won’t comment on whether it would be a good or a bad thing. People have different views, all of which are valid to the person who holds them. Guaranteed that whichever viewpoint you publicly support you are bound to upset someone. From my point of view, I would rather not be involved in a war of words that no one will win.

  2. Riaz Ali says:

    I think you have a flair for witty, humorous writing. It is slightly ‘off centre’ too, which is the exact type of humour I love.

  3. Joe Myers says:

    Wow……. I can’t help but think of the “religious robot” mentioned in the Revelation, that tries to force all mankind to take its mark, eventually putting to death all who refuse to do so. There’ll be many strange and freaky things waiting out there in the future! 🙂

  4. Martin says:

    Think of how much “knowing everything” would suck. 🙂

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