Some of you know that I’ve been a huge fan of Abba since I was a little girl. Okay, that’s an understatement. Until my late teens I barely listened to anything that wasn’t either Abba, released by a former Abba member, or connected with them in some way. I did move on since then, obviously, but while I love many different bands and genres of music these days, my first love will never go away.

Tomorrow evening there is…something happening. I say something because while there’s a lot of speculation, very few people actually know what it is. At a quarter to six UK time there will be an announcement here but other than that, who knows? A lot of people assume there will be a new song unveiled, but I’m not so sure. I’m sure it’ll be an announcement about their new avatar show. I also think all four Abba members will be onscreen, but other than that, all I can really say is I know there’s *something* going on!

I know I’m telling myself that so I won’t be disappointed if it’s nothing more than a documentary. You see, a few years ago there was an announcement that there would be 2 new Abba songs released. In fact the announcement was made on 27thApril 2018, the same day as the launch party for “A Different Kind of Normal”. So there have already been three and a half years of speculation. I don’t want to end up disillusioned if it’s just an announcement about this show.

I have to say though,

that I have zero interest in the avatar show aside from curiosity about the technology they’ve used. You see, for me music is always about the emotional connection and the people behind it. If all I’m watching is computer-generated, I don’t need to go to see a show for that. I can enjoy it on a video. I remember hearing about a friend who went to see Kraftwerk a couple of years ago. For their encore they walked offstage, left their instruments playing, and had allegedly left the building before the end of the show! Electronic music’s very different from pop, but nonetheless I admit this shocked me. I wonder if I’ll feel differently about the avatar show when tickets become available, but we shall see!

So that was a fairly long winded way of saying that I’m pretending not to be excited. The last time I heard a “new” Abba song was in 1994, and that was unreleased, not “new” in the sense of freshly recorded. I admit I’m desperate to hear new songs; I’ll be head over heels with excitement when they are finally available. I’d love to believe the rumours of a full-length album but really, after all this time if it’s just the 2 songs we were told about in 2018 I’ll be happy.

Incidentally, I’ve amused myself by hiding a song title in every paragraph; apart from one, where you get two for the price of one! There are six Abba songs, one Frida solo and one Agnetha solo to find. If you spot them all and message me either here, on facebook or via email I’ll send you a free copy of one of my albums! (if you’re outside the UK it’ll probably be a download thanks to Brexit!)

So long for now…

Carys xx

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