Carys discovered at the age of sixteen that the only thing she really wanted to do with her life was sing. Twenty (plus!) years on, she still hasn’t changed her mind. She’s a classically-trained singer from Suffolk who first discovered the delights of folk music around a dozen years ago. At that time she was playing Frida in an Abba tribute band, an experience cut tragically short when the rest of the band moved to South Wales and forgot to tell her. Several years in local duo ‘Shades’ followed, along with various parts in musical theatre, though somewhere along the line she realised that it was far more fun to follow her own inspiration rather than just sing what was popular. Shortly thereafter she discovered that writing songs wasn’t really that scary, and she has been doing it ever since, taking her inspiration from local legends or interesting random moments that occur out of nowhere.

In November 2012 her song “An Honest Man” was featured in “The Story Behind The Song” on folkcast, one of the largest European folk podcasts, and she spent much of 2013 concentrating on live performance, including Folk at the Boat in Ipswich and the ‘Flaming June’ buskers stage at Folkstock. 2013 culminated with the release of her festive single “At the Turn of the Year”; the video of which can be found on her youtube channel.

When Carys is not singing she designs and makes her own costumes, writes things or sleeps. For the past three years she has taken part in National Novel Writing Month, resulting in three unpublished novels, one of which she is still editing. She has a degree in Biology and Earth Sciences from the Open University because it was really good fun to play with microscopes and fossils. In her spare time she has two cats, a dog, a husband and a day job.