Carys is hopeless at titles

Seriously. I’ve been known to spend an entire year performing a song before I finally manage to give it a title that suits. And that’s something important! So poor little blog posts really have no chance… and already I’ve digressed from what I intended to write. So, here goes…

(Wait. Why have Radio Four listeners got such an issue with starting a sentence with “so”? Sometimes it just fits there really nicely, and if I can start sentences with “and” I can start them with “so as well. Herewith endeth the second digression.)

The interesting bit in the middle

Three weeks today I launched my crowdfunding campaign for my forthcoming album, “A Different Kind Of Normal”. Since then I’ve spent several days in the studio, recorded acoustic guitar for 2 tracks and vocals for three. I’ve also started working with 2 of my guest musicians and I shall be publicly embarrassing them  telling everyone how wonderful they are very shortly.

I’ve also been having sudden flashes of inspiration. These include “Hey, I’m going to make a video for this track!” which is a good idea, and “Lets write a random festive song for no apparent reason”, which is slightly nuts considering how much else I have to be getting on with. Speaking of which…my to-do list tells me I need to be recording the guitar track for “Fountains of Hope” this evening. Ooh, did I just give away another song title there?

Anyway, if you’ve already backed my campaign, thank you and my current goal is to get all my guitar tracks recorded by the end of December. If you haven’t backed me yet but you’ve been meaning to, please click on the photo and bag yourself a perk. Maybe you’ve found this page by accident, in which case please click on the photo because I’m really proud of myself for embedding a link into a picture and I still can’t quite believe I figured it out. Yay!



2 thoughts on “Carys is hopeless at titles

  1. Amanda Rose says:

    I love you, because I have to have a working title to make the music. This slows me down a lot. You have a voice like crystal, so intense and beautiful. I look forward to the album and my Tribble instead of a scarf… See how awesome you are? Not just for music, but for knitting a Tribble! Two things! and Three actually, because you’re doing a blog all at the same time! I must take some tips at how to “keep all the balls in the air”. I’m juggling… had to buy a wheelchair today, but hey, my brain still thinks of music, even if my feet don’t work anymore! <3 <3

  2. DW says:

    Well, for someone who came up with such an inspired album title, not sure that you can really say you’re hopeless at titles…..x

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