Unexpected radio appearance!

…can one actually ‘appear’ on the radio? I could perhaps have written ‘hearing’ but that might have sounded like I was in trouble! Anyway, I received a message a couple of hours ago asking if I was in this evening to chat with Tim Moon on his BCB Radio “Folk Us” show. I said yes, of course and am now hoping that I don’t say something completely bizarre (extremely likely) or run out of things to say (not terribly likely!)

In other news, had a lovely at Bury Folk Collective’s ‘Wired’ folk night yesterday evening. Two new songs had their first airing to what looked like an appreciative audience and I’ll hopefully be heading back there soon (possibly along with Rosemary as ‘Celandine’ though I should probably ask her first!). This friday I’m singing at Henley folk night again – details to follow!